Like all things in nature, clouds have the ability to bring so much awe into the lives of those who notice them.  For those who stop and notice the beauty in their formation, colour and presence, an often short, but beautiful moment of awe shuts down thought.

Clouds can be similar, but never the same.  Each cloud has a unique form unlike any other.  Therefore each cloud has a unique energy and presence which emanates from it.  This energy can be directly experienced by simply being aware of how it makes you feel.  Observe, and be present.

I encourage you to notice the way the images below affect you, some may have power, strength, beauty, stillness, and some may do nothing at all.  The sensation, if any, which arises is derived from the heart, not the mind.  Most of us, in this mind-centric culture can only benefit from developing our intuition and awareness further.